Project Description

AHCDC 6 L.P. | Los Angeles, CA

The project consisted of the new construction of two multi-story buildings with 39 affordable housing units for senior citizens.  Knob Hill Apartments was designed to provide housing to support the homeless and those who have a disability or a chronic illness. The project has provided much needed affordable housing and supportive services including health or mental health care to the community.

  • Affordable, senior housing project
  • Prevailing Wage and Section 3 requirements
  • Funded with Low Housing Tax Credit
  • Energy efficient roofing and lighting
  • Photovoltaic and solar hot water systems
  • Energy Star for Homes V3 certified building
  • Level 5 methane system
  • Hillside construction with extensive shoring
  • Subterranean parking structure, with (2) podium decks above it